June 2016 Newsletter

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Stakeholder Committees Are Designed With You in Mind

Stakeholder Committees are designed to bring representatives from across a community together in order to discuss a specific issue. This could include residents, business owners, police officers, firemen, city staff, as well as others who may represent various members in the community.


Many times the committee is charged with defining the scope of the issue and identifying what needs to be done to correct the issue.  Through open dialogue all parties are able to take part, and are represented, thus allowing all views an opinions to be shared. This allows for a more fair and equitable approach to the task at hand.  Being open t listen to other’s concerns and suggestions, as well as contributing your own thoughts on a particular matter are key to moving forward in a positive direction.


This is your opportunity to have a hand in making a difference in the lives of all those around you. So, with this in mind, we encourage your participation in any opportunity you may have to make a difference.


Noise Amendment Discussion Continued Until June 6th 
Last month we made you aware of an important call to action for an Amendment to the Johns Creek Nuisance Ordinance.

This amendment is proposed to address specific noise nuisances in the city, including but not limited to: music and amplified sound, landscaping and yard maintenance equipment, construction activity, domesticated animals and trash collection.

The first public hearing for the two proposed ordinance options was on May 23rd, however, more discussion is needed!  We expect the stakeholder discussions to be final by Monday, June 6th, and we encourage you to come out to the city council meeting on June 6th and voice your comments and concern about the amendment.

You can find city council meeting location/time details below in the Community Calendar. We also suggest watching the city’s website for more info.


The Johns Creek Fire Department
Presents a 2016 River Safety Workshop
School’s out for summer and the lazy, dog days of summer are approaching fast. While many may head east to the beaches, or south to Florida, there are scores of Johns Creek residents who will make their way to the Chattahoochee River. Unfortunately, those idyllic Sundays by the water don’t always turn out as peaceful as you would expect.

“Most people look at the Chattahoochee and see a calm, recreational river with no threats,” said Greg Rock of the Johns Creek Fire Department (JCFD). “We have 13 miles of river which runs through Johns Creek, and you’d be surprised at the number of calls we get!”

Those calls include those who have misjudged the water release times from the Buford Dam and those who didn’t realize the power of the river’s undercurrent. Thankfully, Johns Creek now has two water safety boats, and the JCFD is skilled in using them to help the community. This is a relief to hear, as the JCFD reports that drowning is now the second leading cause of death for children under 14.

The JCCA/JCFD Water Safety presentation on May 18th left us with many great resources, starting with the phone number for the Buford Dam Release Schedule (770.945.1466), and aninformational video that everyone should watch before venturing out to the river–or even your neighborhood pool!

For example, do you know what to do if you’re in a boat that capsizes on the Chattahoochee?
The correct answer would be to lay on your back, put your feet up and float until you can safely make it to shore. More important advice was given throughout the workshop, which included:

-Stay off the rocks, as they can be slippery
-Take a phone with you when you’re on the river.
-Know how long you (or your friends and family) will be on the water
-Learn CPR/choking first aid
-Be careful about venturing out to the Chattahoochee when it’s foggy–visibility will be very low!
-Be aware that the river’s temperature ranges between 48- 53 degrees 365 days a year

The department later allowed workshop attendees to view the water safety boats and become familiar with the equipment and training activities that each member of the water safety team must master while doing thorough training.  

We know that there are many other places to enjoy your summer, but we have heard time and time again about people who have lost their lives in the Chattahoochee River. This doesn’t have to be a recurring problem within our community, and we ask you to view the JCFD video and to educate yourself, as well as your children before visiting the river this summer. The Johns Creek Fire Department is prepared to respond, but we can have a hand in making sure that everyone is safe on the river during Summer 2016.

How Safe and Secure is Your Neighborhood Pool?
According to Johns Creek Police Officer Meberg, one of the best things Johns Creek citizens can do in their neighborhood this summer is to prepare their pool for safe and secure use.

“When I go out to a lot of your pools, I see high bushes and outdated orange security lights,” Officer Meberg said at the JCCA’s Pool Safety workshop.

He also noted that the city of Johns Creek doesn’t have a curfew, and that the police are aware that each year kids will pick a pool to socialize in–sometimes after hours! This means that there are numerous things for Johns Creek citizens to do in order to ensure that their neighborhood pool remains a safe and secure locale:

  • Replace the outdated lighting so that the area around the pool (and inside the gates) is well-lit.
  • Have your HOA set the rules for pool safety and distribute this info to everyone in the community
  • Make sure your neighbors go on the police citizens app and request consistent coverage at the pool
  • If you have to confront a group of trespassers, please be polite and talk low and slow
  • Ensure that access to the pool or pool restrooms can not be compromised after hours
  • Trim any high bushes around the pool so there are no blind spots

Board 101 Workshop: Are You Prepared to Lead?
Sometimes you enter a position and immediately learn all that you need to know. Then, there are times where you never learn or know what you need until the moment demands an action. The JCCA has planned its Board 101 workshops with these scenarios in mind.

Last month’s workshop was facilitated by sponsor Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco. We’re pleased that they specifically developed it for those who have recently acquired leadership positions on their HOA board, or those who needed a refresher on the policies and procedures that accompany their position.

The main points stemmed around the importance of checking your governing documents, reviewing your bylaws, processing liens and how to handle neighborhood maintenance issues.

“This was an immensely useful workshop that serves to educate the members and everyone living in a JCCA neighborhood,” said JCCA President Judy LeFave. “The notes and the suggestions that were offered were priceless, and I’m hopeful that they will return for another to lead another workshop.”
The next JCCA education workshop is in the process of being developed, so please stay tuned for more details!

JCCA Upgrades Website
We’ve heard your requests and the JCCA has launched a new and improved website which will aid all members as they search for and use needed information.
The website is easier to access and we are continuing to make improvements that you can use. Visit us atwww.JCCAHome.net today!

Johns Creek Opens Map-Based Data to Public for Free
To help encourage private-sector innovation and growth, the City of Johns Creek has created an OpenData portal to provide the public with free access to data it uses for maps. The initiative makes Johns Creek one of the first city governments in Georgia to open its map-based data without restrictions.

“People can use that information to build business plans, find new markets, and make better decisions for their own business,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “The City creates and maintains substantial amounts of map-based information. We use this information to help us visualize the relationships between things like roads, parcels, and business locations. Anyone can now use this same information to test new ideas, find new markets and customers, and maybe even develop the next big thing right here in Johns Creek.”

Other cities with map-based Open Data programs include San Francisco, Boston, Austin, and Savannah-Chatham County.

“These cities are major incubators of tech companies that rely heavily on this type of geographic data,” said Courtney Bernardi, chief executive officer for Johns Creek Advantage, the economic development arm for the city. “Some cities in Georgia charge for their data. Others allow people to use the data if they promise they won’t make money from it. We want to encourage economic growth in our city. This gives JCA another tool to help foster new businesses in Johns Creek and keep existing companies grow.”

Johns Creek’s new OpenData initiative will help level the playing field between mom-and-pop entrepreneurs and deep-pocketed companies who could better afford the information. This information has always been available, but the Open Data program makes it accessible to more people.
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Summer 2016 Road Projects Continue in Johns Creek 
Traffic is an ongoing issue in our community, and we want you to be assured that progress is being made!

Please click here for the most accurate updates on road improvement projects in Johns Creek.
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