Why Join?

1.) JCCA is the only organization of its kind with a mission that represents the interests of the homeowners in Johns Creek. This important function handles many of the tedious things that homeowners and HOA board members may not know how to or have time to do.

We Facilitate:

When member HOA’s need someone to help act as liaison with City officials or developers, when members have issues to handle that other members have had to deal with previously- we facilitate resources and relationships to find the HOA solutions.

We Advocate:

When developers apply for rezoning that impacts member HOA’s quality of life and their home values, we advocate for the member with City staff and at City Council meetings. When a City project or road widening impacts your neighborhood, leveraging the collective view thousands of JCCA homeowner members gives your HOA a larger voice at the table.

We Communicate:

We constantly communicate important news about locals events, local elections, City projects, and anything that impact members. It has been said that nobody calls until the oranges barrels and bulldozers start coming out. We inform you of these projects so you have the ability to give input before the projects are approved.

We Educate:

We educate with seminars, sponsor community events, and even one on one when members have issues that require knowledge of the City government.

2.) By supporting JCCA, you are not only helping your HOA but you are supporting and giving back to the community in a way that helps develop future community leaders that often go onto serve on local boards and on City Council. Our Board of Directors generally have had experience in dealing with City staff and its related bureaucracy and many personally know and have regular contact with City Council members. Many current City Council members are former JCCA Board members.


How much does JCCA membership cost?

Annual JCCA membership dues are only $1 per home ($50 minimum, $250 maximum).

Pay by Check

To pay by check, please mail your check made payable to “Johns Creek Community Association, Inc.” to

Johns Creek Community Association
9925 Haynes Bridge Road
Suite #200-181
Johns Creek, GA 30022

Where does the money go?

JCCA funding goes to pay for several things. We sponsor local election candidate forums. A portion goes toward supporting community programs such as “Community Safety Day” and member education such as “Board 101” and a portion goes to facilitate communications like website and newsletters and occasionally by reserving high visibility tents at local events to help gain visibility and answer questions to local neighborhood residents. In addition, we have an our annual meeting to which all members are invited. At these meetings we have guest speakers, we report on the items the Board accomplished, and it is a great opportunity to meet and have longer conversations with your local City Council members and City staff. Lastly, JCCA supports local events like the Johns Creek Founders Day Parade by entering a float.


Pay Online (Coming Soon!)

You can now pay your annual JCCA membership dues online! A convenience fee will be added to all online payments to cover the transaction fee charged by the online payment processor. For example, a additional fee of $1.80 will be added to a $50 online payment, an additional fee of $7.78 will be added to a $250 online payment. Click the link below to join now!

Join Now!