Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2018

Every 10 years State law requires that cities update their comprehensive land use plan. Often referred to as the “Comp Plan”, this plan is the the vision, the figurative development “road map,” and helps create the legal framework for zoning ordinances and planned community development. Without a land use plan, communities could end up with disorderly development such as commercial development adjacent to residential communities, factories next to golf courses, or very high density housing in rural character areas with no transition in between.

In 2017, the Johns Creek City Council appointed members of the community, City staff, and City Council as the 25-member Citizen Advisory Committee (or CAC) to begin work on our new plan. The City has released two drafts of the plan over the last year and a half, has taken in public comments, and held public meeting all throughout the City for input on the new plan.

Currently, the plan is in the final stages of review and after review by the Atlanta Regional Commission, should be ready for City Council consideration and passage in the fall of 2018.

See the current Comprehensive Land Use Plan passed in 2008

See the latest draft Comp Plan