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I received correspondence in regards to the Atlanta Region’s Plan which caused me to think about the next 25 years of development in the metropolitan area. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and their community partners have developed this Plan and need our feedback.  This is where you come in….

Infrastructure, economy and healthy, livable communities were some of our most important topics in our sponsored City Council Candidate Debates. These are topics which the Atlanta Region Plan wishes to focus on, and I want every JCCA member to take part in the public participation so that they have a voice in the region’s next generation of development.

As you read through the material on this website, please consider the following questions:

1) Is this the future that you envision?
2)Do you see anything in this plan that causes concern or does this plan line up with your thoughts?
3) If you do not agree or like what you read, what alternative solutions can you offer?

Most importantly, please consider offering your feedback through the site and participating in the public sessions.

Your voice matters!


Judy LeFave
JCCA President